Talking to Insurance Companies After a Personal Injury Accident

The most important person to speak to after you have been injured in a personal injury accident is your doctor.  For many reasons, seeking and obtaining the appropriate medical treatment should be of paramount importance after you have been injured.  However, if your...

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Personal Injury and the Discovery Process

The most time-consuming part of personal injury litigation falls under the broad category of “discovery.” Once a lawsuit has been filed and preliminary motions are addressed, the attorneys must begin the process of literally discovering how strong or weak each party’s...

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The DUI Stop: The Decision to Take the Breath Test

The most common question I am presented with when meeting with a new Illinois DUI client is:  "Should I have blown (provided a breath sample to the arresting officer)"? My initial advice is always the same, “Do not put yourself in a situation where you have to...

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Changes in Illinois Family Law for Maintenance

The Illinois legislature has amended the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, effective June 1, 2018.  Specifically, the Act’s maintenance (or alimony) provisions have been modified. The maintenance provisions are now applicable to marriages in which the...

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Illinois Law and “Natural Accumulation”

Generally speaking, In Illinois, property owners are not responsible for natural accumulations of rain, ice or snow which cause a fall resulting in injuries.  A simple slip and fall on a snowy sidewalk, for example, may not create a valid cause of action for damages. ...

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Statute Update: Tax Consequences of Maintenance Payments

Beginning in 2019, maintenance payments will no longer be tax deductible.  Pursuant to the newly passed federal tax bill, maintenance payments, which were for decades tax deductible by the payor and charged as income to the payee, will no longer be deductible as of...

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Unless you have been through the process of making a claim for injuries, you most likely (and reasonably) believe that winning your negligence trial is the end of the road, and that your check is on the way. Unfortunately, in the great majority of cases, your...

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Statute Update: Prohibition of Hospital “No-admit” lists

The Illinois legislature passed a new law, effective January 1, 2018, which prohibits hospitals from maintaining a list of individuals who may not be admitted for treatment.  Supporters of the legislation urged its passing to ensure access to medical care within...

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Generally, you have the right to bring a witness to testify on your behalf at your social security hearing. However, the Administrative Law Judge has the discretion to pick and choose which witnesses he sees, if any. For this reason, you may want to ask your witnesses...

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