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Our attorneys are responsible for obtaining millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for our clients over the years, and are firmly committed to obtaining proper compensation for our clients. Below is a list of some of our successful settlements and verdicts.

Sox Fan Settles Auto Claim for Policy Limits.

A Chicago White Sox fan was injured while sitting in traffic after exiting stadium parking and heading home on the Dan Ryan Expressway.  Our client, a passenger, hurt her back and neck when the vehicle being driven by her sister was rear-ended by another driver.  The case was settled by MPM for the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits of $50,000.00 after suit was filed.

Joliet Auto Accident Results in $45,000.00 settlement

Our client suffered soft-tissue injuries and cervical radiculopathy following an auto collision caused by the other driver’s illegal left turn.  Her injuries required approximately five months of treatment, after which MPM partner Tom Polacek negotiated a $45,000.00 settlement to compensate her for her damages.

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Illegal Left Turn Results in Personal Injury Settlement

Our client was unable to avoid a collision when another driver made a sudden left turn in front of her in Will County, Illinois.  She suffered a chest wall contusion and various soft tissue injuries to her neck and back, as well as rib pain and damage to her front teeth.  Following completion of her treatment, including physical therapy and fillings to repair her chipped teeth, MPM’s attorneys settled her claims in return for payment of over $28,000.00. 

Shorewood Woman Settles Auto Negligence Claim for $80,000.

She underwent physical therapy and chiropractic treatment for various soft-tissue injuries before settling her claims with the other driver for his insurance policy limits.  MPM then negotiated an additional $60,000.00 settlement from her own carrier under her underinsured motorist provisions.

Trip and Fall in Resale Shop Results in $90,000+ Settlement

A  61-old woman fell down a single step in a Will County resale shop, suffering a fractured ankle and ligament damage.

Despite the fact that signs were posted, MPM filed suit on behalf of the woman, alleging that the shop failed to take sufficient additional steps to warn its patrons of the hazard posed by this low step, concealed down one of its many shopping aisles.  Following a pretrial settlement conference, the parties agreed to a settlement payout of $92,500.00, payable by the owner of the resale shop and the owner of the shopping plaza containing the shop.

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Shorewood resident settles dog bite claim for $100,000.00

A Shorewood woman and her dog were attacked by a pair of vicious dogs directly in front of her own home. Our client was treated for injuries to her arms and hand and also required treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

DuPage County auto accident with left knee bruise, settled for $22,000.00

The other driver abruptly changed lanes and stopped short, causing our client to rear-end him. She was diagnosed with a knee contusion and an avulsion fracture to her left knee. Our client was unable to undergo therapy or additional treatment before settlement due to a lack of personal finances.

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